Bioreset Max

Bioreset Max is the new vapor-phase hydrogen peroxide (VHP) generator offering the maximum protection for operators and environments from viruses and microorganisms. It is easy to use and extremely effective thanks to an advanced technology applied for years in controlled contamination environments

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Made entirely of aluminium and ABS, it is lightweight and easily transportable. Its small size makes it a winning ally for all applications where a compact and handy equipment is required to help the operator moving even in small spaces. Thanks to the automatic cycle, the tool is extremely user-friendly and allows to reach optimal levels of efficacy with each use.


• Biosafety cabinet
• Hospitals and healthcare facilities
• Dental and medical clinics
• Microbiological laboratories
• Bio-safety laboratories
• Biomedical research facilities


• Simple and intuitive
• Communication via Ethernet connection for remote control
• Vaporizer capacity from 5 to 10 gr/min
• Reports exported via USB port
• Reports exported via USB port • Automatic cycle adjusted according to H2O2 ppm level
• Catalyst with integrated blower with nominal airflow up to 650 m3/h