Bioreset Plus Version WIFI

Suitable for biodecontamination of volumes up to 500 m3, Bioreset Plus is the most flexible and complete vapor-phase hydrogen peroxide generator.

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Bioreset generator is equipped with proprietary software, removable tablet and Wi-Fi signal generation module.
The access to Bioreset software is done remotely in different ways:
    • by connecting on board tablet or any other device via cable to the machine
    • via Wi-Fi network when close to the machine
    • with the machine connected to the corporate network, from any device connected to the same LAN


  • Ergonomic Italian design for maximum operator comfort

  • Tablet Wi-Fi on board

  • Remote operation with any device

  • ModBus TCP/IP communication protocol

  • Software with several account levels able to store recipes and reports

  • T/RH% probe already integrated for a completely automatic cycle

  • DOP-testable HEPA filter H14 integrated on the unit

  • Built-in balance with safety support for H2O2 canister

  • Precision peristaltic pump

  • Adjustable blower up to 200 m3/h

  • Different ways to export reports: via USB, via FTP on the same device used to control the machine or on any remote server, on paper if sent to FTP printer