Particle Counters
CI-3100 OPT 1CFM

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  • Automac Flow Control

  • Opcs: Rhodium plated metal ellipsoidal mirror provides resistance to decomposion and opmal signal-to-noise rao, providing users unparalleled accuracy and reliability

  • Laser Diode is an opmal mix of long life, stability, and high resoluon providing the greatest assurance. A stable laser diode is important as jitter causes false high counts. The laser must also provide a narrow response to parcles in order to provide excellent size resoluon. The unique and patented design of Climet’s collecon opcs, laser sensor module, and laser diode selecon provide unsurpassed accuracy

  • The quietest and most energy efficient vacuum pump

Choice of Interface

Ethernet Modbus 4-20ma o RS-485 Modbus
It depends on the chosen model. Consult for more information


  • ISO 14644-1/2

  • ISO 21501-4

  • 21 CFR Part 11


  • Among other