Particle Measuring System

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  • The particle measuring system Syringe® was specifically designed for lab operation

  • The system is equipped with the laser sensor LDS 23/25 usp. It works in the range of 1-50 μm linear and is specifically made to meet the requirements in the pharmaceutical sector

Sensor / Range / Concentration

  • LDS 23/25 usp / 1-50μm

Power supply

  • 230/115 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Measurement reading/Software​

  • LDS 23/25 usp: SW-CA (pharma)

  • LDS 30/30:SW-PE (research and develop-ment, general quality contol)


  • SW-CA: máx. 8 permanently set channels

  • SW-PE: máx. 256 freely selectable channels